This is a complete introduction for people working in primary care. Do you know the answers to the question below? If not come and learn. All questions welcomed. • Should there be a different approach to LGBTQI+ patients? • Why are pronouns so important? • Why extra care with confidentiality? • What resources can I provide patients? • What do the letters mean and how do I use them safely? • What if I (as a Clinician) don’t know? • How you could support someone you know personally Limited spaces don't miss

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What is LGBTQI+ health and how is it different to anything else that we encounter in our daily practice? The purpose of this initial workshop, Let’s be perfectly Queer!, is to serve as an introduction to the LGBTQI+ spectrum and to some basic considerations that will encourage us to have a deeper understanding and deliver a culturally safe approach to improving outcomes for our LGBTQI+ patients.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and Intersex (LGBTQI+) people come from all cultures and walks of life. Their lived experiences and potential differences in gender and/or sexualities, as compared to the broad population, require unique approaches in how we communicate.

LGBTQI+ health starts with educating ourselves as professionals on what is basically a wide range of definitions and categories that seek to put into words some very elemental aspects of our human experience: gender identity and expression, and sexual-affective orientation. By expanding our understanding we can in turn expand our accessibility. Gaining an appreciation of LGBTQI+ people, their history and lived experiences can lead us to change our clinical environment and the way we approach our patients towards providing a safe, LGBTQI+ inclusive space that promotes and delivers exceptional person-centred care.